Machine Operators and Related Workers in Fabric, Fur and Leather Products Manufacturing

Workers in this occupational grouping are employed by leather tanning and fur dressing establishments or by garment, fur or leather products manufacturers. Sewing machine operators sew fabric, fur and synthetic materials. Fabric, fur and leather cutters make parts for garments and other articles. Hide and pelt processing workers use machines or hand or powered cutting instruments to trim, scrape, clean, tan, buff and dye animal hides, pelts and skins to produce leather stock and finished furs. They also shear fur and wool hides to produce pelts with hair of a specified length. Inspectors and testers inspect and grade hides, pelts and leather according to size, condition and weight and garments and other manufactured fabric, fur and leather products for defects and sizing.


  • High school diploma.
  • On-the-job training.
  • Previous work experience.
  • Certificate from a trade or vocational school or community college may be useful.