Mine Service Workers and Operators in Oil and Gas Drilling

Mine processing technicians monitor gold or diamond mining processes and equipment. They are responsible for the operation of equipment like bins, conveyers, chutes, pumps, valves, crushers, grinders, screens and thickeners. Mine service workers perform a range of duties, often underground, related to the operation of ore passes, chutes and conveyer systems, the construction and monitoring of underground support structures, passages and roadways and help supply the materials that support mining efforts. Operators in oil and gas drilling operate drilling and service rig machinery as intermediate members of a rig crew. Oil and gas well services operators drive trucks and operate specialized hydraulic pumping systems to place cement in wells or to treat wells with chemicals, sand mixtures or gases to stimulate production.


  • High school diploma.
  • A three-month apprenticeship with an experienced operator for those who service oil and gas wells and on-the-job training for those in other positions.
  • Certificates in first aid, WHMIS, hydrogen sulphide awareness, blowout prevention and transportation of dangerous goods (TDG).