Other Installers, Repairers and Servicers

Workers in these occupations install, maintain and repair a variety of appliances, equipment and devices in customers’ homes, cars and businesses.


  • High school diploma.
  • On-the-job training.

Future Prospects:

These occupations will continue to be impacted by natural resource development in the NWT. As a result there will be high employment levels during these projects; employment will peak in 2019. Subsequently, employment will decrease slightly, but most will be sustained in the long term.

Job Prospects

Current Workforce:

Approximately 2.4% of workers in this occupational group are women. About 51.6% of employees working in these occupations live in Yellowknife, 19.0% live in the regional centres of Inuvik, Hay River and Fort Smith and 29.4% live in other communities. About 22.2% are employed in the Retail Trade industry and 21.4% in the Construction sector.