Upholsterers, Tailors, Shoe Repairers, Jewellers and Related Occupations

This group of occupations includes a wide range of craftspeople and tradespeople with many skills. Diamond processors cut, girdle (brute) and polish raw, gem-quality diamonds and jewellers fabricate, assemble, and appraise fine jewellery and other items. Upholsterers cover furniture, fixtures and other items, while tailors and dressmakers make custom garments and do alterations and make repairs to garments. Furriers obtain and prepare materials, design, alter, restyle, repair, manufacture and market natural fur garments and accessories. This occupational category also includes alterationists, milliner, shoemakers, and watch repairers.


  • High school diploma.

Future Prospects:

These occupations will have little change in employment levels in the future.

Job Prospects