Other Sales and Related Occupations

This occupational group includes a wide variety of sales occupations, including those who sell goods or services through home demonstrations or telephone solicitation, retail exhibits or street vending.


  • A high school diploma is preferred, although some may work in these occupations while still in high school.
  • Some businesses may require cashiers be bonded.

Future Prospects:

Occupations in this area are predicted to see moderate increases in employment levels over the next 10 years, accompanied by long-term employment for existing positions and steady opportunity for future positions.

Job Prospects

Current Workforce:

Approximately 21.9% of workers in this occupational group are women. About 35.5% of employees working in these occupations live in Yellowknife, 33.3% live in the regional centres of Inuvik, Hay River and Fort Smith and 30.8% live in other communities. About 82.4% are employed in the Retail Trade industry and 5.4% in the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services sector.