There are generally considered to be two categories of cleaners in this occupational grouping: light duty cleaners and specialized cleaners. Light duty cleaners clean lobbies, hallways, offices and rooms in hotels, motels, hospitals, schools, office buildings and private residences. Janitors, caretakers, building superintendents and landlords are responsible for building interiors and exteriors and the surrounding grounds. Specialized cleaners clean and refurbish building exteriors, carpets, chimneys, industrial equipment, railway cars, ventilation systems, windows and other surfaces, using specialized equipment and techniques.


  • There are no specific educational requirements for many of the jobs in this occupational grouping, although those who wish to work as building superintendents require a high school diploma and some previous cleaning experience. On-the-job training is usually provided.

Future Prospects:

These occupations are affected by resource developments and are expected to peak in 2017. Employment prospects for these occupations over the long term are good.

Job Prospects

Current Workforce:

Approximately 63.3% of workers in this occupational group are women. About 37.4% of employees working in these occupations live in Yellowknife, 21.3% live in the regional centres of Inuvik, Hay River and Fort Smith and 41.5% live in other communities. About 24.9% are employed in the Accommodation and Food Services industry and 20.0% in the Public Administration sector.