Creative Designers and Craftspersons

Occupations in creative design in clude graphic designers, who produce graphic art and other visual materials, and interior designers, who work with clients and produce designs in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Artisans, carvers and other craftspeople use their artistic skills and abilities to design and produce ornamental objects, jewellery or other art work such as stained glass, wall hangings, quilts, blankets, wood and bone carvings from moose and caribou antlers using hand tools. This occupational category also includes theatre and set designers as well as garment or fashion designers. In the NWT, outdoor apparel and fashion design based on traditional aboriginal design is most common.


  • High school diploma may be required.
  • Graphic artists, illustrators and interior designers require a college diploma or a university degree in graphic arts, commercial arts, photography, interior design, visual or fine arts.
  • Computer skills are a must.