Librarians, Archivists, Conservators and Curators

Librarians select, develop, organize and maintain library connections and provide advisory services for users. Archivists manage, process, store and disseminate information contained in an organizationís archives. Conservators restore and conserve paintings, photographs, sculptures, furniture, pottery and other works of art and antiquities. Curators recommend the acquisition of paintings, photographs, sculptures, documents and other museum and gallery artifacts.


  • Librarians require a masterís degree in library science.
  • Archivists require a university or a masterís degree in archival studies, information science, library science or history.
  • Conservators have a masters degree in art conservation or a college diploma in conservation technology and several years of experience in conservation work.
  • Curators require a university or masterís degree in museology, art history or a field related to your area of work.