Other Technical Occupations in Health Care (Except Dental)

This broad occupational grouping comprises a variety of technical and other occupations in various aspects of health care. They are employed in hospitals or clinics. Others work in retail settings, public administration and in clients’ homes. Some are self-employed.


  • High school diploma.
  • Specialized training at college, university or a private institute.
  • Registration or certification with a professional association.
  • A license from the Department of Health and Social Services to work as a licensed practical nurse, ophthalmic medical assistant, registered midwife, or an optometrist.
  • A license from a southern jurisdiction for some other technical occupations.
  • A good driving record and an appropriate driver’s license to be an ambulance attendant, paramedic or emergency vehicle operator.

Future Prospects:

These occupations will have small but sustained increases in employment over the next ten years.

Job Prospects