Technical Occupations in Civil, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

This occupational category includes civil engineering technicians and technologists, mechanical engineering technicians and technologists, industrial engineering and manufacturing technicians and technologists, and construction estimators. Engineering technicians and technologists provide technical support in fields relating to their areas of specialization. Construction estimators do cost analysis work and prepare estimates for engineering and architectural construction projects.


  • High school diploma.
  • Diploma from a college or technical institute.
  • Technologists require one more year of study than technicians.
  • Construction estimators require several years of experience as a salesperson or tradesperson (plumbing, carpentry or electrician) in lieu of a college diploma.

Future Prospects:

Occupations in this area are predicted to see moderate increases in employment levels over the next 10 years, accompanied by long-term employment for existing positions and steady opportunity for future positions.

Job Prospects