Auditors, Accountants and Investment Professionals

Financial professionals in these occupations examine financial records, administer accounting systems and collect information to prepare financial reports and recommendations. This occupational category includes financial auditors and accountants, as well as securities agents, investment dealers, and financial and investment analysts.


  • University degree in commerce, business administration or economics, completion of an accredited professional program, several years of on-the-job training, accreditation by a professional association and a license to practice public accounting.

Future Prospects:

Occupations in this area are predicted to see average increases in employment levels over the next 10 years, accompanied by long-term employment for existing positions and steady opportunity for future positions.

Job Prospects

Current Workforce:

Approximately 55.3% of workers in this occupational group are women. About 75.7% of employees working in these occupations live in Yellowknife, 7.8% live in the regional centres of Inuvik, Hay River and Fort Smith and 16.8% live in other communities. About 43.5% are employed in the Public Administration industry and 22.2% in the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services sector.