Managers in Primary Production (Except Agriculture)

Managers in primary production are involved with extraction and production of raw resources. They oversee the staff and operations of companies that produce raw materials, such as mineral, oil and gas and forestry products.


  • Prospective managers in primary production usually need a university degree related to their field of work.
  • Forestry managers usually need a degree in forestry science or forest engineering.
  • Mining or quarrying managers usually need a degree in mining engineering or earth sciences.
  • Managers in oil and gas drilling, oil production and related services usually need a degree in geology, earth sciences or petroleum engineering.

Future Prospects:

These occupations will continue to be impacted by natural resource development in the NWT. As a result there will be high employment levels during these projects; employment will peak in 2017. Subsequently, employment will decrease, and approximately half of the new job opportunities will be sustained in the long term.

Job Prospects