Managers in Financial and Business Services

Managers in these occupations work in financial institutions: such as insurance firms, real estate firms, brokerages, investment firms, security and commodity exchanges, banks and credit departments, and marketing research and advertising firms. In the NWT, many of the occupations in this category are with government or boards of governance. Their tasks vary according to their specialization and workplace.


  • High school diploma.
  • University degree or college diploma in a field such as business administration, commerce, or economics.
  • A license (for real estate, securities, insurance managers or mortgage brokers), professional certification (for managers in finance) or registration may also be required for some of these occupations.

Future Prospects:

These occupations will have sustained increases in employment over the next few years, peaking in 2017. Subsequently, employment growth will level out, but the new employment opportunities will continue into the future.

Job Prospects

Current Workforce:

Approximately 54.7% of workers in this occupational group are women. About 86.8% of employees working in these occupations live in Yellowknife, 9.4% live in the regional centres of Inuvik, Hay River and Fort Smith and 3.8% live in other communities. About 62.3% are employed in the Finance and Insurance industry and 16.4% in the Retail Trade sector.